[juniper] password recovery Procedures



[juniper] password recovery Procedures

1. Obtain console access

2. Power off the system and boot it up in single user mode.
This is done by typing “-s” at the boot: prompt.

3. Next, the system will do it’s normal boot up process. When prompted
for “pathname” enter: /usr/libexec/ui/recovery-mode
This will run a script for password recovery.

Enter pathname of shell or RETURN for sh:

4. The system will finish booting up and put you at a “root>” prompt

as such.

NOTE: the system

Starting CLI …


5. Now you can go into configuration mode and edit or delete the

root authentication password.

root> configure

Entering configuration mode


root# delete system root-authentication


root# commit and-quit

commit complete

Exiting configuration mode

6. Finally, reboot system.

root@congo3> request system reboot

Reboot the system ? [yes,no] (no) yes